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Full AspectJ support in Spring

I'd like to weave an advice on a method that is NOT part of a Spring bean (Spring Boot 1.4.4.RELEASE) :

@Around("execution(public *")

I added aspectjrt and spring-instrument (??) dependencies

I added @EnableAspectJAutoProxy and @EnableLoadTimeWeaving(aspectjWeaving = AspectJWeaving.ENABLED) annotations

I added VM arguments:


The bean is handled (postconstruct log) but the execution isn't intercepted.
Does anyone has a clue on something I could miss ? Thx in advance

Answer Source

Ok, here is the trick for those interested, a singleton pattern is handling access to a singleton for both LTW and Spring, so it can be injected with Spring dependencies after being weaved by LTW:

public class MyAspect {
    private String myKey;

    @Around("execution(public * com.mycompany.NotASpringean.getProperty())")
    public String weave(ProceedingJoinPoint jp) throws Throwable {
        String value = (String) jp.proceed();
        // transform the value thx to injected myKey value
        return value;

    public MyAspect init() {
        return MyAspect.aspectOf(); // get existing instance via factory method

    private static MyAspect instance = new MyAspect();
    /** Singleton pattern used by LTW then Spring */
    public static MyAspect aspectOf() {
        return instance;
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