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ASP.NET Core Configuration Section in Startup

I am migrating a ASP.NET 5 RC1 project to ASP.NET Core, and have come across an interesting issue I've not yet seen, or found a solution for.

In order to use configuration settings within Startup I have previously retrived the configuration the following way

// Works fine for DI both in ASP.NET 5 RC1 and ASP.NET Core

// How I previous retrieved the configuration for use in startup.
// No longer available in ASP.NET Core
var someConfigurationToUseLater = Configuration.Get<SomeConfigurationClass>("SomeConfigurationSection");

After updating to ASP.NET Core 1.0 it seems Configuration.Get<T>() is no longer available.

I have tried updating the code to use Configuration.GetValue<T>() however this does not seem to work with objects and will only work when providing a path to a value. This has left me with a workaround for most of my configuration classes like so

var someConfigurationName = "someConfiguration";
var someConfigurationClass = new SomeConfigurationClass()
Value1 = Configuration.GetValue<string>($"{someConfigurationName}:value1"),
Foo = Configuration.GetValue<string>($"{someConfigurationName}:foo"),
Bar = Configuration.GetValue<string>($"{someConfigurationName}:bar")

However this is an issue when the configuration class contains an array of objects. In my case an array of Client objects

public class ClientConfiguration
public Client[] Clients { get; set; }

With the following configuration

"configuredClients": {
"clients": [
"clientName": "Client1",
"clientId": "Client1"
"clientName": "Client2",
"clientId": "Client2"

Where this would previously bind to the Clients property of my configuration class no problem, I can no longer find a way of doing so in ASP.NET Core 1.0

Answer Source

How about this:

var config = Configuration.GetSection("configuredClients").Bind<ClientConfiguration>();
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