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PHP Question

How to block Disposable Email Addresses in your website's registration form?

I would like to know of the possible ways to block disposable email addresses from registering in my website.

For simplicity, let's take the example where the registration form of the website is done with HTML and PHP.

Any ideas, solutions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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This is tough, because neither whitelisting nor blacklisting are an option.

By whitelisting certain domains, you disallow people with email domains that are unknown to you (but might be perfectly valid), while by blacklisting you have to update the list of blacklisted domains on a daily basis, since new "10 minute email" domains emerge every day.

Please note that temporary email addresses are invented for a way of saying: "Hey, I don't trust this website with my own email adrress", so you're most probably not going to trick users that are willing to hide their real address since they've got a valid reason to do so.

Can't you adopt and implement something like OpenID?

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