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Angular JS and JQuery datepicker

My birthdate field was created by JQuery using datepicker function then the required field validation is handled by AngularJS using ng-show whenver I submit the form there is a error handling but when I choose date in the field the error message is not remove.

<input type="text name="birthdate" id="datepicker" ng-model="birthdate" readonly required >
<span id="errordate" ng-show="submitted && form.birthdate.$error.required">*required</span><br>


Here is the form look at the birthdate field
Please Help me thank you.

Answer Source

When jQuery DatePicker apply change to <input>, AngularJS does not know this change, you must call $scope.$apply() to make AngularJS check and apply new changes. But I think you should use $timeout to apply this change and avoid AngularJS inprog error, more information here.

Here is my ONLINE DEMO. Hope this help!

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