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eclipse: cannot open git-upload-pack

From yesterday I cant be able to import projects from bit bucket using git or to do push:

enter image description here

Its weird because a day before I didnt have any problem. This problem showed from one day to another and I dont get it. I have downloaded the sts 3 times with no luck. This error keeps showing. Also I have installed sourcetree and it says:

enter image description here

If I use git commands to import the project, it works. But I want to use egit for this task, since I am newbie with git.

I dont know if this have to do with something but also in the same directory I have android-adt-bundle. I have to say that this one works pretty well, but I have the project in gibhub instead of bitbucket. Also Im working with another person and he is able to import and do the pushes to the bitbucket repository. I have read lots of posts but none of them have helped me out. Hope that someone can give me the light because I lost a day trying to fix this problem.

Im working in windows 7 btw.

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FINALLY!!! I made it work!!!!

Thaks to this steps!!!

Istead of using ssh I did it with ssh

Now I can push and import without any problem!!

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