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Dojo dialog close event on X (top-right)

Im using Dojo to create a simple dialog to create a user in a system. The problem is I get the error:

Tried to register widget with `id==user_submit` but that `id` is already registered

, is a Dojo button I have to finish the form inside the dialog. When I close the dialog by clicking it and submitting the form there is no problem in opening the dialog again (in the click event on the button I have this line of code:


but if I close the dialog through the [x]-link / button in the top-right corner I don't destroy the button and then can't open the dialog again without reloading the page.

How do I get Dojo to destroy the button or how to a overload the click-event on [X]-link / button, so I can write the destroy command for the button?

Answer Source

Found a solution. by using dojo.connect().

myDialog.connect(myDialog, "hide", function(e){

Would have postet this shortly after i posted the quistion, but I didn't have enough points, so here is the answer again, just a little late :-)

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