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iOS Question

Validation Error: Invalid Bundle. The bundle at ... contains disallowed file 'Frameworks'

I'm trying to submit an app with the Xcode6 GM, and I get this error on validation. The app has an action extension and a dynamic framework that's shared between the extension and the app itself.

I don't have a file called 'Frameworks' anywhere in the project, so I'm really not sure what this is supposed to mean. Has anyone gotten this issue or have any ideas?here's what the error looks like

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Turns out the error is related to using Swift (both the app and the extension make use of Swift).

For the app, I had to set:

Embedded Content Contains Swift Code: YES

and for the extension:

Embedded Content Contains Swift Code: NO

In the build settings. It really wasn't clear at all from the error message that this was the issue, but it did in fact resolve it.

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