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Code to dynamically add number of comboboxes depending on the number of columns in a gridview

I basically wanted to know how we can code to add number of drop down list items depending on the number of column counts in a windows forms application in vb.net.

What I have tried:

Basically i know that you can get a count of all columns in a gridview by using this


However, i want to know lets say if the columns in the grid view when i run that gridview.rows(0).cells.count call comes out as 15.

I want to use that number 15 and dynamically add 15 drop down objects which will contain three list items: "test1", "test2", and "test3" on page load.

If you require more detail let me know and i will be replying right away.

Thank you and please provide a code and not just a theoretical answer please.

Answer Source

This should get you started.Loop and create comboboxes,add items and then add to the control collection.

If Not IsPostback Then
  For i As Integer = 0 To GridView1.Rows(0).Cells.Count - 1
    Dim cb As New ComboBox()

    cb.Id = "cb" + i.ToString() //Give unique id

    Dim item1 As New ComboBoxItem("test1", "test1")
    Dim item2 As New ComboBoxItem("test2", "test2")
    Dim item3 As New ComboBoxItem("test3", "test3")


End If
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