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PDO - lastInsertId() for multiple insert query

I can insert 2 pets into a table, and get their lastInsertId() for further processing one at a time (2 queries).
I am wondering if there is a way to get two lastInsertIds() and assign them to variables if I am inserting 2 rows in 1 query:

$query = "INSERT INTO pets (pet_name) VALUES (':coco'),(':jojo')";
$pet_insert = $dbh->prepare($query);
$pet_insert->execute(array(':coco' => $coco,':jojo' => $jojo));
$New_PetID = $dbh->lastInsertId();

Is it possible to get the lastInsertId() for coco and for jojo? So something like:

$New_PetID1 = $dbh->lastInsertId();//coco
$New_PetID2 = $dbh->lastInsertId();//jojo

This will give the same ID, any way to get the 2 IDs? Just for reference, this is in a try block.

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It's not possible. If you need generated ids for both rows - you need to perform 2 separated INSERT

Important If you insert multiple rows using a single INSERT statement, LAST_INSERT_ID() returns the value generated for the first inserted row only. The reason for this is to make it possible to reproduce easily the same INSERT statement against some other server.