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Java Question

How to deep copy a tree?

I would like using my own Node class to implement tree structure in Java. But I'm confused how to do a deep copy to copy a tree.

My Node class would be like this:

public class Node{
private String value;
private Node leftChild;
private Node rightChild;

I'm new to recursion, so is there any code I can study? Thank you!

Answer Source


class Node {
    private String value;
    private Node left;
    private Node right;

    public Node(String value, Node left, Node right) {
        this.value = value;

    Node copy() {
        Node left = null;
        Node right = null;
        if (this.left != null) {
            left = this.left.copy();
        if (this.right != null) {
            right = this.right.copy();
        return new Node(value, left, right);
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