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Android : which offline maps use in app

I want in my app (Android 4.0+) use offline maps (map of the city or small area). User should choose the area or city and then, the app should download the data or the data could be in assets.

Or can I somehow get the access to the data from Google Maps app, if the User downloaded some area, so the data should be in the phone?

App will not be on Google Play.

What way do you recommend? Use OpenStreetMap? Some other solution?

Answer Source

Based on the area you what to use in you app, OSM can be much better than Google and obvious the data is free and daily improved. Here is a question with a list of alternatives to Google API: Alternatives to google maps api

I recommend you to take a look for offline maps using OSM data at these libraries:

  1. osmdroid : there is a bonus library for routing called osmbonuspack that adds lots of routing and POI functionality
  2. skobbler has an SDK supports offline mode and is able to render maps & display turn by turn navigation on your Android phone. Here is their developer platform
  3. OsmSharp also does offline rendering of vector-data and turn by turn navigation. The code is available on github
  4. mapsforge: offers the map data in vector format and is working with another library called graphhopper in android
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