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Javascript Question

Get key names for JSON array for all browser versions

I have a JSON array and i'd like to get their key names.

I searched and found no solution that really solved the problem. So I created my own:

var data = [{ Id: 25 }, {Year: 18} ];

$.each(data, function (i, element) {
var stringfied = JSON.stringify(element);
var parts = stringfied.split('":'); //separate key and value
var key = parts[0].split('{"')[1]; // get key;[key]);

I tried other solutions like:

for (var key in data) {;

but that didn't show the key names.

Is there a better solution? (Object.keys requires modern browsers, doesn't fit)

Answer Source

Imagine what your code will do if one of the keys contains a leading colon.

This will do the job:

var data = [
    Id: 25
    Year: 18

for (var i = 0; i < data.length; ++i) {
  var element = data[i];

  for (var k in element)
    if (element.hasOwnProperty(k)) {

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