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Use $.extend with user defined object

A library that i'm using (DataTables) accept a object declared with all customized options.

The code fail when the library try to build the result configuration with something like

$.extend({}, defaults , confs)
and receive a user defined object.
Unfortunately all the method defined in
are missing in the result of

This code explain what am i trying to do:

class BaseConf {
constructor() {
this.ordering = false;
initComplete() {
console.log(' executed');

class ExtendedConf extends BaseConf {
initComplete() {;
console.log(' executed');

conf = new ExtendedConf();

mergedConf = $.extend({}, conf);

console.log(mergedConf.ordering); // <-- print false
console.log(mergedConf.initComplete); // <-- print undefined

Any idea of why this happen and some suggestion to how fix it?

Answer Source

The end result of $.extend is a shallow copy of the object conf to the target object {}.

However, it does not alter the prototype of the target object. So while the instance properties are copied over from conf to {}, {} does not become an instance of either ExtendedConf or BaseConf, therefore does not carry the initComplete method.

What you could do is instead of just {}, you could use Object.create to create an object whose prototype is ExtendedConf's prototype. That way, the resulting object inherits ExtendedConf. After which, use jQuery's $.extend to copy over the instance properties.

var conf = $.extend(Object.create(ExtendedConf.prototype), conf);
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