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How do i add Sina Weibo activity feed to my page?

The Chinese version of Facebook/twitter is called Sina Weibo. I would like to fetch the activity feed of a specific company site in Weibo, and put it on the company web page.

I cannot use the topical wall widget since it might show random postings on the specified hash-tags, not official for the company (am i right?).

If there were an official RSS-solution of Weibo, that would have been all I needed to create a feed with custom design, but as far as I and Google knows there are none. Only third party sites are offering this.

If I could fetch the information via the API - Weibo REST services, it would be awesome. I will need to show only public postings meaning no login is required for page visitors.

Anyone got any ideas or experience of achieving this with Weibo?

Weibo Widget API -

Thanks in advance!
/Jesper Wilfing

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You may use this api to get the latest weibos of one user.

The following article may also be helpful

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