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How come this error comes up for one code but not the other and how do you fix it?

This error comes up only for the first code, but not the second, how come?

And how do I fix the issue?

Warning: A table row was 1 columns wide, which is less than the column count established by the first row (3).

From line 1234, column 14; to line 1235, column 11

</td>↩ </tr>↩ <

Table []
My Code:

Non-table **[Document checking completed. No errors or warnings to show.]**
My Code:

Answer Source

Your solution on JSfiddle, as it seems you are really ignoring advices...

  1. add another column <td colspan="2"></td> after last column
  2. remove <tr> tag in last row, as it's opened twice, closed once
  3. add class "three" or "two" to your column with content, so <td class="two"><h3..</td>
  4. add class "three" or "two" to the column with colspan, if you want to have that violet border (optional)

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