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C# Question

all_ind_expressions view of Oracle

I'm trying to execute the below query through

in .NET but when I try to read the value of the column_expressions column, I always get an empty string.

SELECT ic.column_name,
FROM all_ind_columns ic
LEFT JOIN all_ind_expressions ie
ON ie.index_owner = ic.index_owner
AND ie.index_name = ic.index_name
AND ie.column_position = ic.column_position
WHERE ic.index_owner = 'owner_name'
AND ic.index_name = 'index_name'

I realized that the datatype of the column
but I'm not sure if that's the reason. Is there a way I can read the actual value of the column?

When I execute the same query through Oracle SQL developer, I can see the value.

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To be able to read a column that is of LONG data type the InitialLONGFetchSize property of OracleCommand has to be set to a none zero(zero by default) value:

Unfortunately you did not provide your .NET code, so I'll give you a C# + ODP.NET unmanaged driver example:


create table t1(
  col1 varchar2(11)

create index FBI on t1(upper(col1));

table T1 created.
index FBI created.

C# code:

string oraConnectionString = "Data source=nkpdb;User id=hr;password=password;";
OracleConnection oraConnection = new OracleConnection(oraConnectionString);
/* Would be better to put this in a stored procedure */      
string sqlQuery = "select ic.column_name "  +
                  "     , ie.column_expression " +
                  "  from all_ind_columns ic " +
                  "  left join all_ind_expressions ie " +
                  "    on ie.index_owner      = ic.index_owner " +
                  "   and ie.index_name      = ic.index_name " +
                  "   and ie.column_position = ic.column_position " +
                  " where ic.index_owner   = :INDOwner " +
                  "   and ic.index_name    = :INDName" ;
OracleCommand oraCmd     = new OracleCommand(sqlQuery, oraConnection);
OracleParameter indOwner = new OracleParameter("INDOwner", 
OracleParameter indName  = new OracleParameter("INDName", 
indOwner.Value = "HR";
indName.Value = "FBI";
/* set up initial amount of data that the OracleDataReader 
 * fetches for LONG column */
oraCmd.InitialLONGFetchSize = 1000;  /* set initial size */ 
OracleDataReader oraDataReader = oraCmd.ExecuteReader();
if (oraDataReader.HasRows)
     while (oraDataReader.Read())


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By default the InitialLONGFetchSize property is set to 0. That's the reason why you are getting an empty string. So you either need to set this property to a value greater than zero or set it to -1 to fetch an entire LONG column.