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SQL Question

Percentage of requests SQL

So, I have this table:

|Number | abc |
|100 | Yes |
|200 | Yes |
|300 | Yes |
|400 | No |
|500 | No |

What I want is the percentage of values that is "yes". In this case, the desired OUTPUT is

I thought that by dividing the number of "yes" by the total number It would do it, but i can't "join" all things.

I know that the number of "yes" is

select count(abc)
from table1
where abc='yes'

And the total number is

select count(*)
from table1

How do i get the desired output?

Answer Source

A query that works in all SQL engines is

select sum(case when abc = 'yes' then 1 else 0 end) * 100 / count(*)
from your_table
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