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Is there a way to get a type's alias through reflection?

I'm writing a simple code generation application to build POCO's from a DB2 database schema. I know it doesn't matter, but I prefer to use type aliases rather than the actual system type name if they are available, i.e., "int" rather than "Int32." Is there a way using reflection that I can get a type's alias rather than it's the actual type?

//Get the type name
var typeName = column.DataType.Name;

//If column.DataType is, say, Int64, I would like the resulting property generated
//in the POCO to be...

public long LongColumn { get; set; }

//rather than what I get now using the System.Reflection.MemberInfo.Name property:

public Int64 LongColumn { get; set; }

Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

Nope - just create a Dictionary<Type,string> to map all of the types to their aliases. It's a fixed set, so it's not hard to do:

private static readonly Dictionary<Type, string> Aliases =
    new Dictionary<Type, string>()
    { typeof(byte), "byte" },
    { typeof(sbyte), "sbyte" },
    { typeof(short), "short" },
    { typeof(ushort), "ushort" },
    { typeof(int), "int" },
    { typeof(uint), "uint" },
    { typeof(long), "long" },
    { typeof(ulong), "ulong" },
    { typeof(float), "float" },
    { typeof(double), "double" },
    { typeof(decimal), "decimal" },
    { typeof(object), "object" },
    { typeof(bool), "bool" },
    { typeof(char), "char" },
    { typeof(string), "string" },
    { typeof(void), "void" }
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