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CSS Question

How can I remove the spacing on the right-side?

I'm coding this site , and running into the following issue: on the right side of the entire site is a space of about 40px - i cant figure out where its coming from .. can anyone help me with this?

It happended after i changed the width and margin of the #pricing and #container (so the table would be centered in the middle of the DIV). I've tried to adjust the body padding/margin but that doesnt do the trick. I didnt try to reverse the margin/width i adjusted on both DIV's bc i need them to be centered - so if you guys have a solution so the pricing table is still centered and also there is no spacing on the right side of the website, i'd love to hear it :D

Answer Source

Add box-sizing: border-box; to your #footer in css. You should use that as a global rule, so the blocks are not affected by padding. Use this link for explanation and examples!

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