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Use tnsnames.ora in Oracle SQL Developer

I am evaluating Oracle SQL Developer.


is populated, and a
to a connection defined in
works fine. Still, SQL Developer does not display any connections.

Oracle SQL Developer Soars mentions, that if

you have Oracle client software and a tnsnames.ora file already installed on your machine, Oracle SQL Developer will automatically populate the Connections navigator from the net service names defined in tnsnames.ora.

I also tried to set my
environment variable, but after restarting SQL Developer there are still no connections displayed.

Any ideas?

Anyone successfully working with SQL Developer and tnsnames.ora?

Answer Source
  • In SQLDeveloper browse Tools --> Preferences, as shown in below image.

    SQLDeveloper access preferences

  • In the Preferences options expand Database --> select Advanced --> under "Tnsnames Directory" --> Browse the directory where tnsnames.ora present.
  • Then click on Ok, as shown in below diagram.
    tnsnames.ora available at Drive:\oracle\product\10x.x.x\client_x\NETWORK\ADMIN

    SQLDeveloper update tnsnames directory

Now you can connect via the TNSnames options.

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