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My website's label doesn't show on firefox

The web site i'm working on works perfectly on Chrome, but when I open it in Firefox the text between label tags don't show up.

Can anyone help me?

This is my code.

echo " <div class='row form-row' id='form-specialties'>
<label for='specialties'>" . $_dic['#SPECIALTIES#'] . " </label>
<input id='form-specialties' class='form-input' name='specialties' value='$specialties'>

This is the code on FireFox:

<label for="specialties"> </label>

This is the code on Chrome:

<label for="specialties">Especialidades </label>

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I notice you have duplicate ID's in your markup (form-specialties). In HTML, an ID must be unique; it may not be used multiple times. Perhaps this causes an issue?

Also, it could be helpful to see the CSS you use, perhaps the problem lies in there.