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On losing focus - input not auto-filling

So I have a multi-part form that is supposed to auto fill another input. I have used blur to recognize when the input has lost focus, but I cannot get it to auto fill the other input with the value of the input losing focus. What I have looks pretty simple and logical to me, simply is not working.

Any help is appreciated.



It appears there is something more than what the eye is catching doing this. The easy answer below me should have been right, and I imagine my code is right and something else is doing the dirty work.

I couldn't get the code highlighter to work nicely with my code so I have put it in a text file for you to view.
Thanks again!

Answer Source

What is company_name set to? The following works for me!


<div>Type something here:<input name="editMe" type="text" /></div>

<div>Populates here:<input name="target" type="text" /></div>


$(document).ready(function() {
    $("input[name=editMe]").blur(function() {


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