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retrieve firebase data as json

I would like to retrieve data stored in firebase database but in proper Json format, the problem is when using

it is not the correct json format.
For example, if the the data

"properties" : {
"last_update" : "15-02-2017 02:48:00 pm",
"last_update_code" : "1258884"


the returned value becomes like that

properties = {last_update = 15-02-2017 02:48:00 pm,last_update_code = 1258884}

without the quotes or (:) .

so it there a way to get the data as string in the first format?

Answer Source

You'll get the returned value that you're getting when you try to convert a json to String.

So, instead of doing that, you can use one of the following methods :-

First :-

String lastUpdate = dataSnapshot.child(last_update).getValue(String.class);
String last_update_code = dataSnapshot.child(last_update_code).getValue(String.class);

Second :-

Define a POJO that maps to your Json. After that, use the following code.

YourPOJO yourPOJO = dataSnapshot.getValue(YourPOJO.class);

You can read more about it here.

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