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Swift: Google Map API Camera and MapView

With some online help, I successfully have implemented some Google map features in my iOS app.

extension GoogleMapViewController: GMSAutocompleteResultsViewControllerDelegate {
func resultsController(resultsController: GMSAutocompleteResultsViewController,
didAutocompleteWithPlace place: GMSPlace) {
searchController?.active = false
// Do something with the selected place.
print("Place name: ",
print("Place address: ", place.formattedAddress)
print("Place attributions: ", place.attributions)

// Create a GMSCameraPosition that tells the map to display the
// coordinate -33.86,151.20 at zoom level 6.
let camera = GMSCameraPosition.cameraWithLatitude(-33.86, longitude: 151.20, zoom: 6.0)
let mapView = GMSMapView.mapWithFrame(, camera: camera)
mapView.myLocationEnabled = true
view = mapView

// Creates a marker in the center of the map.
let marker = GMSMarker()
marker.position = CLLocationCoordinate2D(latitude: -33.86, longitude: 151.20)
marker.title = place.formattedAddress = mapView

I believe I have got the
from search bar but how do I retrieve its coordinate so that I could set the camera and marker to show the searched place?

Answer Source

According to their documentation, you can get the location using place.coordinate

let currentPlace: CLLocationCoordinate2D = place.coordinate

Then you can get its latitude and longitude as currentPlace.latitude and currentPlace.longitude respectively

Here's the documentation

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