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jQuery Question

GET (JSON) is removing leading zeros

I am trying to use jQuery to pass "0002" to a WebMethod. But the leading zeros are truncated :(

type: "GET",
url: "CallNote.aspx/GetStoreRegion?storeCode=0002",
contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
//dataType: "json", - Brad is right I don't need this line
success: function (response) {

In CallNote.aspx.cs:

[ScriptMethod(UseHttpGet = true)]
public static string GetStoreRegion(string storeCode)
// Problem: Here storeCode becomes "2", not "0002"
return myService.GetStoreRegion(storeCode);

How do you pass the string "0002" correctly?

Answer Source

So, you're telling ASP.NET that you'r passing the data as JSON. So, ASP.NET believes you. So, what would happen if you said var x = {storeCode: 0002};. Well, it would get turned into 2 because you aren't surrounding it in quotes. So you need to do the same thing for your parameter. If you want a string you'd do: var x = {storeCode: '0002'}; so in your case you want:

url: "CallNote.aspx/GetStoreRegion?storeCode='0002'",

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