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CSS Question

Why doesn't my jekyll github site have styles?

This is my repository: https://github.com/attilay/jeky

How my website should look like and the repository of theme: http://themes.jekyllrc.org/linear/

My website doesn't load any styling, just plain HTML. Why?

Answer Source

First, in _layouts/default.html, include {{ site.baseurl }} in the relative paths to assets in your head (as David Jacquel suggests):

<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ site.baseurl }}/assets/css/skel-noscript.css" />


<script src="{{ site.baseurl }}/assets/js/init.js"></script>

In addition, in /assets/js/init.js change:

prefix: '/assets/css/style',


prefix: '{{site.baseurl}}/assets/css/style',

and, finally, in order for Jekyll to process init.js and insert the baseurl, add


at the top of the file as empty YML frontmatter.

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