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Using <html><u> tags to make button text underlined, caused button to take up entire JToolBar

I need to have a button whose text is underlined and the only way I could find to do this in Java was to use and tags, but when I do this, it causes the button to take up as much room as is left in the JToolBar even though the text is short and it should only take up a small amount of space. Here is how I create the Button.

String buttonText = new String("<html><u>Lesson Plans</u></html>");
JButton lessonButton = new JButton(buttonText);

If I remove the tags then it takes up the right amount of space but if I have them in there is takes up the entire toolBar. Anyone know what's going on?

Answer Source

You might be able to fix the problem by using:

button.setMaximumSize( button.getPreferredSize() );

Otherwise you should be able to just change the font to use an underlined font. Darryl's Visual Font Designer shows how to add attributes to a font.

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