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SSAS Tabular on Azure?

I'm attempting to deploy an ssas tabular model (I don't know what I'm doing )

I have made multidimensional on SQL Server 2008 R2 with VS2013. I wanted to try Tabular in conjunction with power BI.

So I set up a SQL Azure DB, I have Azure SQL database and Visual Studio 2013 Pro

I can get the connection to the Azure DB in VS2013 and write T-SQL against it but when I try and create a tabular model and select the Azure database as the SQL Server workspace it fails to make a connection.

Is it something to do with the compatibility module or do I need to create a Azure VM? Thank you for your help ... p.s. this is my fist question ever I'm excited

Answer Source

Azure SQL DB is a relational SQL database. It is not Analysis Services. You can't deploy an Analysis Services database to Azure SQL DB. You will need to create a virtual machine in Azure from a SQL Server Enterprise Edition image and install a Tabular instance and open ports and deploy your tabular model to that VM.

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