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Java Question

How can I validate my REFERER URL with glob?

I'm trying to check if my referrer String is coming from any URL with the format{{anything}}:

String referrer = req.getHeader("REFERER");

if (!(referrer.equals("")) + createRegexFromGlob("*")) {
System.out.println("The referrer is valid.");
} else {
System.out.println("The referrer is not valid.");

Here is the glob:

public static String createRegexFromGlob(String glob)
String out = "^";
for(int i = 0; i < glob.length(); ++i)
final char c = glob.charAt(i);
case '*': out += ".*"; break;
case '?': out += '.'; break;
case '.': out += "\\."; break;
case '\\': out += "\\\\"; break;
default: out += c;
out += '$';
return out;

Does the referrer URL have to be a direct hit or will it automatically know if it's coming from the base URL,

I suppose I can just use
instead of making sure the string is equal to something plus a regular expression? Is there anything wrong with this?

Answer Source

Why not use .startsWith instead?


if (referrer.startsWith(""))  

Also, what on earth are are you doing with createRegexFromGlob? Simply match the URL with the following regex


Java code:

String pattern = "^https:\\/\\/www\\.google\\.com.*$";

.contains can be used but it'll also accept URLs like  
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