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Javascript Question

How to set one minute counter in javascript?

In my project ,I have list of questions, for every question have three option answers.

After see the question if i want answer that question means click "show answer" button .
when I click button ,counter starts for one minute after one minute error will show .

can any one help ?

Answer Source

You could use something like this:

function gameLost() {
  alert("You lose!");
setTimeout(gameLost, 60000);

UPDATE: pass function reference to setTimeout() instead of code string (did I really write it that way? O_o)


To display the timer too (improved version, thanks to davin too):

<button onclick="onTimer()">Clickme</button>
<div id="mycounter"></div>
i = 60;
function onTimer() {
  document.getElementById('mycounter').innerHTML = i;
  if (i < 0) {
    alert('You lose!');
  else {
    setTimeout(onTimer, 1000);


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