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Defining a function using a function typedef in C++

I am implementing a service in Windows. VisualStudio 2012 has the following function typedef:

DWORD dwNumServicesArgs,
LPWSTR *lpServiceArgVectors

There is also a function pointer typedef:

DWORD dwNumServicesArgs,
LPWSTR *lpServiceArgVectors

How do I define a function with this function signature, using the typedef?

Answer Source

You don't need (and cannot) use typedef in a function definition. To make a service main function, just write:

VOID WINAPI SvcMain( DWORD dwNumServicesArgs, LPWSTR *lpServiceArgVectors )
    // ...

LPSERVICE_MAIN_FUNCTIONW is used internally by Windows to call every service start point. Generally, you need function pointer typedef to call, and not to define a function.

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