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Get all instances of a class in PHP

I would like to get all the instances of an object of a certain class.

For example:

class Foo {

$a = new Foo();
$b = new Foo();

$instances = get_instances_of_class('Foo');

should be either
array($a, $b)
array($b, $a)
(order does not matter).

A plus is if the function would return instances which have a superclass of the requested class, though this isn't necessary.

One method I can think of is using a static class member variable which holds an array of instances. In the class's constructor and destructor, I would add or remove
from the array. This is rather troublesome and error-prone if I have to do it on many classes.

Answer Source

If you derive all your objects from a TrackableObject class, this class could be set up to handle such things (just be sure you call parent::__construct() and parent::__destruct() when overloading those in subclasses.

class TrackableObject
    protected static $_instances = array();

    public function __construct()
        self::$_instances[] = $this;

    public function __destruct()
        unset(self::$_instances[array_search($this, self::$_instances, true)]);

     * @param $includeSubclasses Optionally include subclasses in returned set
     * @returns array array of objects
    public static function getInstances($includeSubclasses = false)
        $return = array();
        foreach(self::$_instances as $instance) {
            if ($instance instanceof get_class($this)) {
                if ($includeSubclasses || (get_class($instance) === get_class($this)) {
                    $return[] = $instance;
        return $return;

The major issue with this is that no object would be automatically picked up by garbage collection (as a reference to it still exists within TrackableObject::$_instances), so __destruct() would need to be called manually to destroy said object. (Circular Reference Garbage Collection was added in PHP 5.3 and may present additional garbage collection opportunities)

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