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Javascript Question

How to find if a string contains a word between two colons, then return that result including the colons

I'm writing a bot for Discord, and I want to be able to detect if a string contains a substring that is in the format

, for example

"I am so excited for this video game! :getin:".

Currently the way I have it set up, if a user posts a separate message, ie.

I am so excited for this video game!


my bot will attach the smilie by using this algorithm

case startsWith(message, ":"):

This works fine, however I would like it to be more elegant. All image files for the emotes are named
depending on what it is, so based on that, what would be the best regex expression to pull the potential file name out of a string? I'm assuming it would be something like

case S(message).match(/\b:smilie_name:\b/) !== null:
smilie_name_parsed_from_regex = <regex_result>;

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


Seems like a minor alteration to your regex should do the trick:

case /:([\w]+):/g.test(S(message)) === true:
    var images = S(message).match(/:([\w]+):/g);
    // map matches into urls and upload
    images.map(function(image) {
       return 'saemotes/'+image.replace(/:/g, '')+'.png';