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Table padding using the MS Word COM object in PHP

I've got some code here that will create a basic table in a Word document using PHP, it creates the table and populates it just fine, but I really need to shunt the table across so that the address (first box of the table) fits into a windowed envelope!

$word->ActiveDocument->Tables->Add ( $word->Selection->Range, 1, 3 ); //creates table with 3 columns

$word->Selection->TypeText ( $pretext [0] );
$word->Selection->MoveRight (); //move to next column
$word->Selection->TypeText ( $pretext [1] );
$word->Selection->MoveRight (); //move to next column
$word->Selection->TypeText ( $pretext [2] );
$word->Selection->MoveRight (); //move off the table

Any suggestions would be fantastic - it seems really difficult to find any decent documentation for this online.

Answer Source

The properties are RightPadding, TopPadding and so on.

You find the Reference at MSDN (choose the used version, the link points to Word2003 )

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