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SQL Question

Import - Export an AZURE database in SSMS 2014

I want to import the database schema from an Azure database to my local environment (SSMS 2014 )

What i have tried ?

  • I created an empty database on my local pc .

  • Right clicked on it .. ->tasks-> import data...

  • Chose .NET framework data provider for SqlServer

  • Clicked on next ...

  • And i got an error prompt saying The connection string property has not been initialized

So the first part of the question is which of the 2 connection strings is the appropriate to use ? (ADO.NET or JDBC)

Are there any other required fields besides the connection string ?

And if yes where can i find the credentials for my db .


Answer Source

Are you able to use any tools? I strongly recommend Azure Migration Wizard from which allows migration to and from Azure - and you can migrate the data as well as the schema. Its free and pretty quick.

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