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jQuery Question

panel-body textarea disappear after jquery filter

I show info in a section of collapse panels, the content are showed in

elements inside of the
but the text that is showed are stored in
so I use
to show it, that Works fine but when I make a search if that search match with the
content the panel doesn't shows the textarea/summernote element.

Check the jsfiddle if you search for
makes the filter and shows you the right panel but when try to expand the panel the textarea/summernote element is not there. But if you search for
shows you the panel and can be expanded.

How can I solve this? is because the use of summernote or the jquery script I use to make the search?

Answer Source

Problem is easy to figure out when you inspect the live html. The summernote plugin also uses a panel class so when you hide panel it gets hidden too.

A quick workaround is use:



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