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Page missing when printing a report with Pentaho Report Designer

I'm using Report-designer 3.6.1, and I encountered a recurring problem with one of my reports.

When I print the report, sometimes the result is missing pages. The report prints seven pages out of nine, the last page displaying a page count of 7/9. Also on the last page, the footer is missing as if it were not configured.

This problem happens randomly (or in a particular pattern that I can't grasp). All other reports are fine. They all print the footer, and all the pages.

If you need more info leave comments, I will try to respond to the best of my knowledge, because I am new with this tool.

Here is how we setup the report

Master report:

  • Page header

    1. Some fields that are printed on each page;

  • Details

    1. Sub-report #1: List all attributes of each product;

  • Report Footer

    1. Empty

  • Page Footer

    1. Some text fields;

    2. Page count (totalPageCount function);

Sub-report #1:

  • Group Header: Empty;

  • Detail

    1. Collumn headers;

    2. Sub-report #2: List some attribute values for each product;

  • Group Footer

  • Report Footer

    1. Text field with a message.

Sub-report #2:

  • Detail

    1. Attribute's name;

  • Report Footer: Attribute's value;

Answer Source

Problem resolved.

Source: I found out that my sub-report #2 was probably overlapping the header's columns from the Sub-report #1.

Solution: I moved the Sub-report #2 down by approximately 10px, so that it doesn't overlap anymore.

After that, the report printed out with all the necessary pages.

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