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parallel code causing strange results

this is allmost my first attempt at parallel code, (first attempt worked fine and speeded up some code) but this below is causing strange issues and I cant see why. Both for loops below give the same result most of the time but not allways, i.e. res != res1. The function IdealGasEnthalpy is just calculating a number and not changing anything else, i cant figure out what the problem is or even where to begin to look, has anyone any suggestions?

double res = 0;

for (int I = 0; I < cc.Count; I++)
res += IdealGasEnthalpy(T, cc[I], enumMassOrMolar.Molar) * x[I];

double res1 = 0;

Parallel.For(0, cc.Count, I =>
res1 += IdealGasEnthalpy(T, cc[I], enumMassOrMolar.Molar) * x[I];

Answer Source

Your second operation needs to do an interlocked add, because += is not atomic. Remember this is shorthand for read the variable, add to it, and store the result. There is a race condition where two reads of the same old value could occur before either has stored the new result. You need to synchronize access.

Alternately you could store the results in an array which you allocate in advance, then do the summation after all parallel operations are done. That way no two operations modify the same variable. The array trades memory for speed, since you eliminate overhead from synchronization.

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