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JQuery load() make Jquery functions fires multiple times

This is my code. It loads the pages content without refresh.

The problem is when I click on button handled by jQuery and ajax it fires as many times as I load the pages.

For e.g. If loaded 2 pages, jQuery will fire twice

If I loaded 4 pages, jQuery will load 4 times.

//set trigger and container

var trigger = $('#nav ul li a'),
container = $('#container');
//do on click

trigger.on('click', function(e){

/* reload content without refresh */
//set loading img
$('#container').append('<div id = "loading">WAIT... <img src = "img/ajax-loader-small.gif" alt="Currently loading" /></div>');
//change img location to center
$("#loading").css({"position": "absolute", "left": "50%", "top": "50%"});
//get the trigger to reload the contents
var $this = $(this),
target = $this.data('target');

container.load(target + '.php');

// return false;

This script fires as many times as I load the page through load() function which mean same post will be inserted many times into the database



$(document).on("click",".fa-pinterest-square",function(e) {

var form = $(this).find('form'); //Since the form is child to <i>

url: "includes/widgets/add_pains.php",
type: "POST",
data: form.serialize(),
success: function(data) {




How can I fix this issue?

Answer Source

This happened because you didn't clear the event listener each time you load the script and the event listener stacked on each other caused trigger multiple times.

trigger.off('click').on('click', function(){....})

The .off() method removes event handlers that were attached with .on().

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