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Sticker Pack Interface Builder Storyboard Compiler Error Group

WWDC 2016 came up with a new concept of creating Sticker Pack & push it to store from iOS10 onwards. I downloaded XCode 8 Beta, & tried to create a sticker pack app for the message extensions.

I did everything as explained but on building the project I am getting error

Interface Builder Storyboard Compiler Error Group

Strange thing is for Sticker Pack we don't need to write any code, but still it is showing error of Interface Builder.

I am getting this error under build time

IB Error

I have also reported this to apple, but would like to know if anyone has any idea to remove this & execute my code.

Answer Source

I found the solution:

When you will download the Xcode-beta & when you will unzip the .xip file, the xcode-beta will present in same folder where the min file is downloaded, strange thing is that apple is not automatically pushing xcode-beta to Application folder.

If you are experiencing the same issue, push the xcode-beta executable to Applications folder, & execute your project from there & you will find that it will work like charm.

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