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Javascript Question

Use jsdoc on js with flow type annotations

When trying to process js sources with flow type annotations the jsdoc parser failes to understand the enhanced syntax! Is there a way to use jsdoc in js sources that have been enhanced with flow type annotations or what is the recommended way to generate documentation from type annotated js?

Answer Source

You could use babel with strip-flow-types transform and use this jsdoc plugin.

First, you need to install babel and related packages and jsdoc-babel on top of jsdoc. Then, create a jsdoc-conf.json file in your root directory containing something like this:

    "plugins": ["node_modules/jsdoc-babel"],
    "babel": {
        "presets": ["react"],
        "plugins": ["transform-react-jsx", "transform-flow-strip-types"]

You can use any valid babel setup with jsdoc-babel, e.g. presets for ES2015 or other babel plugins. Hope this helps!

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