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Failed NetSuite RESTlet authentication

I'm trying to develop in NetSuite a simple form portlet submitting to a RESTlet in the back end. Here's my form portlet:

function workManagerPortlet(portlet, column) {



portlet.setSubmitButton(nlapiResolveURL('RESTLET', 'customscript_gw_ss_form_backend', 'customdeploy_wm_form_backend', true), 'Submit', '_hidden');

When I click on submit I can see in Chrome's developer console the status is 206 Partial Content, but the record I'm submitting is not being stored in the database and in the console there's no response for this request.

Therefore, I decided to investigate the connection to the RESTlet. My problem is that I cannot get past the RESTlet authentication. Here are my NLAuth headers:

User-Agent: SuiteScript-Call
Authorization: NLAuth
nlauth_email: $email
nlauth_signature: $password

nlauth_role: administrator
Content-Type: application/json

Obviously, replacing '$email' and '$password' for the corresponding values.

The 'nlauth_role' value is the role id in Netsuite.

I'm using Postman to test this and I always get a "401 Authorization Required" status and the following error.


"code": "USER_ERROR",

"message": "header is not NLAuth scheme [ NLAuth ]"

Any ideas about what I'm doing wrong?

Answer Source

nlauth values should be comma separated like this:

NLAuth nlauth_account: TSTDRV1291212, nlauth_email: $email, nlauth_signature: $password, nlauth_role: administrator`

One more thing, trying sending 3 instead of administrator. It's role id actually which is required by NetSuite.

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