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How to handle messages from dynamically created controls in an MFC app?

Imagine I have a CDialog which creates controls dynamically when the user clicks a button. It could be like this:

// We don't know which is the first id for the new buttons until runtime (!)
MyDialog::MyDialog(/*whatever parameters needed*/, first_id)
: next_id_(first_id)
{ /*...*/ }

BOOL MyDialog::OnSomeButtonClicked()
CButton* new_button = new CButton;
new_button->Create("Caption", WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE, this->new_button_rect_,
this, this->next_id_++);

Then my question would be: How could I handle messages from this button? Is it possible to use the MFC message map facility?

The solution should work in both vs6 and vs2005.

Thank you!

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These are the solutions I've found so far in order of relevance:

  1. Use ON_COMMAND_RANGE if you can define the range of the control IDs you want to handle.

  2. Overload CWnd::PreTranslateMessage() and do whatever stuff you want with the messages received. NOTE: When dealing with buttons, take into account that the BN_CLICKED event is NOT sent to PreTranslateMessage but directly sent to the window procedure.

  3. Overload CWnd::WindowProc() and do whatever stuff you want with the messages received. NOTE that when dealing with buttons this is the ONLY WAY I've found to handle the BN_CLICKED event.

Interesting links:

I hope this helps... thank you all for your contributions.

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