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Java Question

Run a Maven Project using IntelliJ IDEA

I'm new to IntelliJ IDEA and I would like to run a simple Maven Quickstart project using it.

I followed all the instructions, the project was sucessfully built. But when I try to compile and run it , the

button is not activated.

It looks like IntelliJ IDEA couldn't figure out where the main class is.

This is a picture of the project's hierarchy.

enter image description here

What is the problem ? And how can I fix it ?

Thanks !

Answer Source

Refresh the Maven project in the Maven Projects tool window (Reimport All Maven Projects), if it doesn't help, refer to this answer for diagnostics.


The issue is that your source roots were not configured correctly from the Maven model for some reason and the .java file appears in a plain directory instead of the Source root.

You can tell that by the color of the folders and by the icon of the file.

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