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Add element without namespace in smack message

I wants to add node element in smack Message .


is the custom tag which i wants to add in message. like below structure

<message to='username@domain' id='12345'><body>Hello</body><myID>33e6cf03-90aa-4281-a36e-902ccdf0657f</myID></message>

What i tried so far By creating
by implementing
but here its creating message with some namespace specified.

<message to='username@domain' id='12345'><body>Hello</body><myID xmlns='somenamespace'>33e6cf03-90aa-4281-a36e-902ccdf0657f</myID></message>

But i wants to add without namespace as a element.

Any help ?

I checked already asked and answered questions but all are with namespace.

Answer Source

XMPP expects you to qualify custom extensions with a namespace. That's why Smack doesn't make it easy to work around that requirement.

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