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Jquery if an ID is equal to "X" OR "Y" do not run function

Basically, I would like to know if there's a way to bypass/turn off/not execute a function if the id is equal to "x" or "y".

I have installed this function that animates anchor links to their respective areas/anchors on the page. i.e. if I click on the button it animates down the page to the area that the button is referencing.

$('a[href^="#"]').on('click',function (e) {


var target = this.hash;
var $target = $(target);

$('html, body').stop().animate({
'scrollTop': $target.offset().top
}, 900, 'swing', function () {
window.location.hash = target;

...which is working with any href that has a #.

I need to add a show more area using SCSS function on the same page. I have added the example here:

Which works on it's own, but uses the animation above since it has a # in the href area. Therefore, the page does a shimmy up and down before it "Shows more". I hate it and want it gone

What I would like to do is turn off the anchor animation above for these two links on the page with an ID of "show-rm" and "hide-rm" when the link is clicked.

This is the code on the page:

<div class="panel-wrapper-rm">
<a href="#show-rm" class="show-rm btn-rm" id="show-rm">Show Full Article</a>
<a href="#hide-rm" class="hide-rm btn-rm" id="hide-rm">Hide Full Article</a>
<div class="panel-rm">

<p>fkjadsljfal;s kadfjas jkdajfkl;das jfklajfkl;a jadkljfkadl jdjfl;da
jk fl;kadjf kl;asdjfkl jdaklfj akl;jd flk;ajd l;kjflk;adj
fkl;adjfkdj kl;adjfklda jlkajflka jlk;fj daklsjfkldj kaljfkl;adj
kl;fjadl ;jfal;jd fklj fkasjf l;kajalk;j fkl;dj klajdfakls;d
jfl;akdfj adkjfl ajfd

</div><!-- end panel -->
<div class="fade-rm"></div>
</div><!-- end panel-wrapper -->

Answer Source

You can use :not selector to exclude some selection from your selector


Or the cleaner .not method

The .not() method will end up providing you with more readable selections than pushing complex selectors or variables into a :not() selector filter. In most cases, it is a better choice.

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