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Commands executed using JSch behaves differently than in SSH terminal (bypasses confirm prompt message of "yes/"no")

Note: I log into a device, not a computer, so I login to configuration mode (instead of non configuration mode).

I am using JSch library in Java, to login with an SSH protocol. I login like this:

channel = con.openChannel("shell");

In some cases, when I send through the shell a command that needs
(configuration mode) permissions (change configuration), this code bypasses the prompt confirmation message of - this may prevent other users from changing configuration. While if I enter the command manually with SSH client/terminal, I have to enter yes for confirmation.

Does anyone have any idea why?


[manual shell session]

When I log in through JSch I can do the configuration commands even, when the I don't insert "yes" to the array of commands to be executed.

Answer Source

By default the JSch does not request PTY (pseudo-terminal).

That can cause some commands to behave differently than in an interactive SSH terminal.

You can override this using the ChannelSession.setPty.

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