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How do i link to images not in Static folder in flask

In flask, how do I serve images that are not in the static folder?

I currently save the user uploaded photos on a directory that is outside the flask folder (On

, image currently saving in the data folder under
and the flask files are in

In my templates, how do i serve the image files ?

, how do i reference these image files that are outside the flask folder?

- data/
-- uploads/
- repo/
-- app/

As you can see the data folder outside the flask app folder. How do i generate links to files stored in
(one level up) from the flask app directory is the question ?

Answer Source

You have the send_from_directory function that does what you want, what I would do is declare a constant called MEDIA_FOLDER with the path where the media files are located and then, the only thing you need to do is to call the function like this:

from config import MEDIA_FOLDER

def download_file(filename):
    return send_from_directory(MEDIA_FOLDER, filename, as_attachment=True)

Then, to invoke it, you just do this:

{{ url_for('download_file', filename='dogs.jpg') }}

You can have more info about this here.

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