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HTML Question

How to change the value of check box when it is checked or unchecked

Hello guys here the problem. I want to perform a different calculation based on the check box.

COD: <input type="checkbox" id="trigger" name="question" >

Here is the javascript for calculating the price of the item
the problem is that i dont know how can i do the else if method

$("#price,#quant,#shipment").keyup(function () {
if(+myFunction3() =="" )
else if($('#trigger')=="checked") //this is the problem
$('#demo').val($('#price').val() * $('#quant').val() ;
$('#demo').val($('#price').val() * $('#quant').val() + +myFunction3());

Advance thank you guys.

Answer Source

Using jQuery you could do:

else if($('#trigger:checked').length > 0)


else if($('#trigger').is(':checked'))

If you want to re-run your calculation when a user checks or un-checks the checkbox, you could run the same code you run on the keyup function on:

$('#trigger').change(function() {
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