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Bootstrap js screen size incongruence

I have a footer that shows up as a collapsed accordion on mobile, while on desktop the accordion shows as expanded with all list items. It works fine with the js I am using.

However, as I am expanding my viewport from mobile size to desktop size, the accordion will still stay collapsed. Conversely, when I make the screen smaller, the accordion shows expanded like it did on desktop.

I need the js to behave differently with screen size, as it's happening, dynamically, not just after I refresh. If I refresh, of course it looks fine.

Here is a bootply with my footer.

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You can use this code to show panels on screens wider than 768px during resizing the browser (you can use else statement to hide them on smaller sizes).

$(window).resize(function () {
  if($(this).width() > 768) {
  } else {